Each of us lives more than a single life. The information about previous incarnations accumulates in our energy body. In every new life we can have access to the treasures of all previously accumulated information.

First of all, our school «Esoteric People» is opened to everybody who was formerly with us on our Path. Also we are opened to everybody who wants to join us.

The Path


«For everything there is a season, and time for every matter under heaven…» Ecclesiastes

Since Babylonian times the esoteric knowledge about the human and his place in the Universe had been scattered and dispersed among various nations and religions. Through the long succession of reincarnations the custodians of knowledge assembled those for whom this knowledge was the main guide on their life path. Repairing brick by brick the floors of the esoteric building during their lifetime when they died they carried away the accumulated knowledge with them. Coming back, “after the rest”, by recognizing special marks and signs, they recovered the treasures of their knowledge to once again continue their intricate work.

Knowledge, accumulated by talented esoteric people, never disappears but leaves its tracks in the noosphere of Earth. The access to this knowledge is opened through the revelation, firstly for those who had this knowledge in the previous incarnations. There are many paths and many schools.

The School “Esoteric People”, allows everybody to join our Path, independent of their religious and party affiliation and whether they have had mystical experience or not. The knowledge and experience that you will get with us will help get rid of destructive energies of conflict situations, restore energy potential, learn the technique of dynamic and static meditation, and acquire essential esoteric skills.

The teaching in school is built on the principle of the ascending ladder. The knowledge received at each level is carried on to the next ones.

In the first two levels we study the structure of the energy body, its layers, channels, and chakras. The special attention is paid to the protective energy layer, its dependence on our emotional state and external irritants. People’s personal names are considered like structural elements of their energy body. If the diagnostics determines the need, meditative cleansing of names is conducted. In these levels we also master the technology of esoteric acquaintance.

In the third and fourth levels students master various techniques of meditative breathing, such as Yin and Yang, balanced breathing, symmetrical breathing… and so on.

In the fifth level students master the basis of astrological knowledge.

In the sixth level we pass on to the yoga of hands. We master the composite system of mudras. This is the highest technique of yoga. It helps to restore the energy balance of the body, favors the perception of new information, and develops esoteric abilities of clear feelings and clairvoyance, clairsentience, "clairthinking", and "clairacting".

The seventh level is the level of masters. Here we touch the ancient esoteric mysteries, journey to our past and future lives, assimilate the depth of the secret knowledge.

The succession of each level and utilization of the received knowledge step by step emancipates the energy body and its basic seven energy layers from destructive energies and finally creates the Seven Degrees of Freedom.


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