About the School Esoteric People

mystic2What is the «Esoteric People» school?

  •     People who are the carriers of esoteric knowledge;
  •     Accumulation of technologies that allows to multiply this knowledge;
  •     Main way of life – that from any point of space, wherever we are, we should seek to be in the place that belongs to us.

The school Esoteric People is currently located in California. The school's founder, Grigoriy Milovidov, conducts seminars in two locations of The Bay Area – in Sunnyvale and Redwood City.

The school was founded in 1999.

The purpose of the school:

  •     Acquiring skills aimed at getting rid of pathogenic energies.
  •     Restoration and conscious control of own physical and energy body.


Practical realization of teaching is based on mastering anatomy and physiology of our energy body, opening the beams of our energy body, and expanding the consciousness to release from pathogenic energies of conflict. Realizing general interrelations of all live essences, each apprentice cleanses his/her own energy body from pathogenic energies, and automatically triggers the mechanism of cleansing the family and the nearest immediate environment.

Teaching is carried out one on one as well as in small classes.

Esoteric classes

Teaching in school promotes:

   1. Restoration of internal harmony
   2. Development of self-control
   3. Understanding of the self and the environment
   4. Self-improvement and spiritual growth
   5. Study and developing of our own energy potential to help ourselves and others no matter how far away they are from us physically.

The thematic series are combined in seven degrees, arranged in the order of increasing complexity of esoteric knowledge. Consecutive transition from one degree to another provides adequate understanding of the teaching material.

During this process, apprentices master various meditative techniques, including static meditation, dynamic meditation and skills of meditative breathing.

Teaching is conducted once a week on thematic series.

Each series consists of 8 classes.