What our students say

Frequently, the philosophical foundation of modern “extrasense trainings” and esoteric movements like “New Age” does not go deeper than that of the cat Leopold from a cartoon that’s famous in Russia – “Guys, can’t we all just get along”!".

As a rule, these classes offer an assortment of easily learned techniques, without explaining what’s behind these techniques and why they can work. In our school, the approach to studying esotericism is quite different.

In my opinion, the most important characteristics of approach in our school are a clear systematization of material (for both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques) and the depth of esoteric practice. The theoretical background is never separated from the practical techniques and methods.

After learning the fundamental esoteric principals, suddenly you start to see the parallels in such seemingly different teachings as the Kabbalah, the Tibetan Buddhism, modern psychology or Western medieval magic, for instance. Such approach not only allows to learn a huge number of techniques and to gain a real practical experience but it also opens the road for a future growth on your own.



Perhaps, in the school we are learning to live. We are learning how to be healthy. And how to help our friends and family to be healthy as well. We are learning how to get rid of fatigue and headache. We are learning how to help our physical body deal with diseases. We are learning not to get angry and irritated, not to get offended and not to worry about little things. For instance, you talk to someone and start to feel that you are fuming inside. Instead of blowing up, you begin to meditate silently, and the conversation changes direction. Is it coincidence, or did it truly help? You meditate before going off to an important meeting, and the meeting seems to have gone well. Another coincidence? Have we learned all this? Of course, not. The more we learn, the more we realize, how little we know. As Grigoriy likes to say, “esotericism has a beginning but it has no end”. Sometimes, it seems that there is no limit to what Grigoriy can teach us. How does he know all this? It’s incredible! Looking back, I understand that what we have already learned is quite a bit. Also, we are a lot more capable than we realize ourselves.

Why are we all here, at the school? I think, people come to these schools for two reasons: to improve their own health or the health of people close to them, and to learn about themselves and the world around them. The people who stay in school(for many years) are those whose perception of the world resonates with the philosophy of the school.



I learned a lot in the years that I spend in school. I learned how to pick myself up when I am feeling down, how to alleviate my condition if something hurts, how to deal with fatigue and insomnia.



The first time I met Grigoriy Milovidov was when I came to his office as a patient. I was strongly intrigued by his healing methods, the objects (some metal constructions, devices, crystals, herbs and objects that I could not find a name for) that I saw in his office and a few phrases that were addressed to me. I had many questions that required an answer. What is a human and what is he made of, what kind of abilities differentiate extrasenses, healers and esoterics from the ordinary people, and is it possible to develop these abilities in an ordinary person. I’ve read many books, learned from Russian, American and German healers and received a level of Reiki master-teacher. (Reiki is a Japanese healing method that is fairly simple to learn – it only takes 2-3 days for initialization on each level.). Unfortunately, even the level of the Master does not offer the depth of esoteric knowledge. I spent a few days on the international seminar that took place in a vicinity of New York. More than 350 healers from different countries, using different methods of healing came together to exchange their knowledge. However, I got the impression that each one of them has just a bit of the esoteric knowledge and some of them don’t even know how they are able to do what they do. (I don’t say this to criticize - everybody uses the tools that he/she acquired).

The methods, that Grigoriy used, did work. It helped me to get out of the condition that I was in. However, I still had thousands of questions, some of which came up in the course of healing, and still there were no answers neither in my conscience, nor in the literature that I read about alternative medicine, healing and extrasenses. This domain of knowledge has always fascinated me.

Thus, I became a student in philosophical-esoteric school and found the Teacher. Grigoriy has a wealth of esoteric knowledge that came to the modern people from ancient China, India and Egypt, the knowledge of Astrology and Astro-medicine. This continues to keep his classes interesting for me.

What did I learn in school? – The ability to diagnose the condition of the person’s energy body, the ability to correct the problems, to diagnose and heal from the distance, to recharge organism with the energies that it’s lacking by applying various methods(energy breathing, mudras, mantras, etc.). Since the human being is a cosmic object, the knowledge of Astro-medicine helps to diagnose the condition of the physical and energy body and fill them with energies of planets and stars that it’s lacking. To receive the energy that belongs to them is the innate right of a human being.

I could talk forever about our school and our teacher but it’s better to see once than to hear(or read) 100 times. Come to the class and you will be amazed by the ability of an ordinary person to do “miracles” from the first classes.

In addition to esoteric knowledge, I gained more confidence in myself and my strength, the ability to better deal cataclysms and storms in my life. Even though, I have not achieved all the Seven Degrees of Freedom yet, I know that I am on the right path.



I started the program “The Seven Degrees of Freedom” in August of 2004. The most important thing, that the school gave me, is the knowledge that allows me to achieve a peace of mind and a deeper understanding of life. I am very grateful to school for that.