Esoteric 911

Grigoriy Milovidov can help you by:

 Energy cleansing of the organism

Bio-energetic diagnostics and therapy helps to get rid of many diseases related to stress and anxiety. The energy cleansing is done with the special modules that remove the aggressive energy.

Diagnostics of the state of energy body and light therapy

Once the trouble spots in the structural elements of the energy body are identified, the beam of light carrying the corrective energy information is applied to these areas to neutralize the problems.

Karmic diagnostics

Finding karmic knots related to various life aspects by using the skin code of the palm of the hand.

Karma cleansing

Relieving the organism from the negative Karma through application of energy on the skin code of the palm of the hand.

The program of restoring youth to the organism

This includes the diagnostics and restoration of the energy state of the major systems in the organism.

Help at the distance and support over the phone and the Internet.

Cleansing the energy in the house and office

The program of stress relieve

Astrological consultation


Cleansing the energy body and charkas

Cleansing of personal items and horoscopes