House/Office energy cleansing

Accupuncture of Planet Earth
energy cleansing of home and office space

Our living and working space is essential for our karma. It so happens that life makes us change our home or work, and sometimes even the country where we live, and therefore we can all compare how it felt to live and work in different places at different times of our lives. Why is it that certain spaces feel comfortable and pleasant, and other are just the opposite?

Information about your problems that are responsible for different emotional states is imprinted on the walls of your home as well as on your personal things. That information accumulates and becomes a heavy burden that makes it impossible to solve current problems easily. And, to add to the matter, its possible that some unlucky or unhappy person was living in your home before you or called your office their own. In this case, someone else’s problems and sorrows live and work with you under the same roof.

Is there a way to improve this situation? Most certainly there is.

In part, ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is capable of helping us. According to this practice, we can move the things in the house and put some new things on their rightful place. This process is similar to a game of chess, in which every figure has its place and can only be moved according to the rules. In this case, chess board place very important part in the game; without the board the game would be purposeless. Chess board is divided onto black and white squares, thus symbolizing, according to Eastern philosophy, two energies – Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang are two sides of life energy, Chi.

The most important question that is ever asked of ancient Chinese art of living is how to find and follow the flows of Chi.

Chi enters the Earth in certain places and exits it as well. Flows of Chi from South to North and from East to West create an energy net, called Hartmann Net. Points in which Chi enters and exits Earth are similar, again, to the black and white squares of chess board. However, what happens is figures on the chess board are already placed, but the board is too dusty to see the squares? One needs to be an advanced player in order to play that game without making any mistakes.

Special technique that is offered by our school helps clean up the energy field of our living space and will help you get rid of numerous pathogenic energies, recreate or increase the flow of Chi and will help you create a more healthy life for yourself and your loved ones.

«Peace to your home and hearth!»
Grigoriy Milovidov