Classes: The Esoteric Ladder

Book of the dead

First Degree. The energy body - anatomy and physiology.

  • The energy body and its threefold structure.
  • Protective layer of the energy body.
  • The energy preparation of hands for biolocation (dowsing).
  • The influence of stress and other emotional conditions on the shape and position of the protective layer of the energy body.
  • Changes in the position of the protective layer of the energy body as the indicator of making a correct decision.
  • The Seven ‘Is’ - seven main energy layers.
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Esoteric Mysteries of the first degree.
  • Meditative rings and their properties.
  • Energetic meaning of symbols.
  • Secrets of our names.
  • The interactions of human energy bodies.

Esoteric initiation of the first degree.

Second Degree. Energy of living organisms.

  • Vital substances of living organisms.
  • Internal and external sources of energy.
  • Analysis of the condition and relative positions of the internal (Yin) and external (Yang) sides of the energy layers in the energy body.
  • Prenatal and postnatal energies of the organism.
  • Streams of energy.
  • The Wheel of Five elements.
  • Mantras. Meditative centrifugal and centripetal formulas.
  • Mudras of the 1st group.
  • Energy cleansing of our partners through our energy layers.

Esoteric initiation of the second degree.

Third Degree. The energy stars of organism.

The channels and charkas of energy body.

Fourth Degree. The basics of esoteric astrology and palmistry.

Fifth Degree. Physiology of energy body, breathing exercises, basics of energy diagnostics and healing.

Sixth Degree. The system of astrological mudras.

Seventh Degree. Degree of Masters.