Energy warm up exercises


For any living organism to function properly a constant exchange between the internal and external energy is required. This process has a certain rhythm.

It is carried out through the energy channels that pass through the boundary of the physical body – the skin. This process may be compared to breathing. In a healthy organism the physical and energy breathing are guaranteeing the normal functioning of all the systems and elements in the body. Otherwise, malfunction occurs. The energy stops circulating inside or outside of the physical body, creating an “energy swamp” inside of the organism. Physical manifestation of this “swamp” comes in the form of diseases. The person gets easily tired and is always low on energy. There are many ways to fix the problems with energy flow. One of the ways is learning to control the energy breathing. There is a series of meditative techniques used for this. These techniques are performed by utilizing the fingers on the left and right hands and the hands themselves.