Esoteric is an adjective that originated in Greece, it comes from the Greek esoterikos, which means “within”. This term originated in IV – III B.C. Historically, esoteric referred to secret mystic knowledge, “obscure doctrine” of religious, philosophical or spiritual learning, which could only be obtained by few that went through numerous initiations.

Esotericism today is term that is used for schools or, rather, understanding of the World and Human in relationship to one another, understanding of all seen and unseen things.

From the times of Great Magistro Allesandro Cagliostro (end of 18th century), to Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley (beginning of 20th century), the basis of modern esotericism comes from comparative study of Eastern and Western mysticism, and its purpose is to help a person to primarily understand him or herself, because only in that knowledge lays the greater understating of everything else.

Understanding and knowing oneself is, indeed, not just the oldest but also the most challenging of all human endeavors.
Gnothi seauton – Know thyself – was inscribed in the forecourt of the great Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

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