Mudras are symbolic gestures that are performed with fingers. From the ancient times people used various gestures in social interaction. Gestures were used to show the decision whether a slave lives or dies in the ancient Rome, the commonly used handshakes can be used for connecting to the energy/information field of another person. Mudras can also be used to protect the parental prenatal energy, opening the beams of knowledge, clairvoyance, etc.

In its effect, the mudras are similar to Qi Gong exercises and asanas of Hatha-Yoga. In a way, mudras can be understood as yoga for the hands. These systems are like three sisters and have a lot in common. All of them share the point of view that the improper breathing, the improper eating, the improper position of the body and the improper social interactions all cause various diseases. The diseases are the result of pathogenic energies entering our body and blocking or modifying the flow of Qi, eventually causing partial or complete breakdown of the organism. To consciously control the flow of Qi in the organism, all of these are required: the proper diet, the meditative breathing techniques, asanas and/or mudras. The same approach is necessary to quickly get rid of pathogenic energies.

Mudratherapy is most effective with systematic application and it does not take long to see the results. The human hand is a mystery and mudras are the keys to that mystery.